Japanese Twitter goes crazy for impromptu piano performance at Yodobashi Camera store in Kyoto

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Two strangers came together over the theme song from an 80s film starring David Bowie.

For all the amazing Final Fantasy concerts and anime-themed orchestral performances we’ve seen in Japan in recent years, sometimes it’s the quieter, more intimate acts that have the power to stop people in their tracks and create a lasting impression.

That’s what happened at an outlet of Japanese electronics retail chain Yodobashi Camera in Kyoto recently, as the music section of the store came to life with the sound of not one, but two pianos being played in glorious unison. According to Twitter user @Romakome1029, who captured the moment on video, a middle-aged man was playing the theme song to the 80s British-Japan film Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence on a piano when another man suddenly decided to join in on a different piano, playing a heartfelt melody over the top of the main chords.

Check out the performance below:

ヨドバシのピアノで戦場のメリークリスマスを弾くおっちゃんに 即興で被せのピアノ弾きだす ドイツのミュージシャン めっちゃよかったゾ〜 https://t.co/RoZHi7ZdDl

炉馬 (@Romakome1029) April 19, 2017

It turns out that the pianist in the foreground of the video is actually a visiting musician from Germany called Joe Löhrmann, who is currently travelling around the world with his piano.

この人です(伸びそうやから 知らへんGermanyのために売名行為しておきます) https://t.co/yGKZRWEaTR

炉馬 (@Romakome1029) April 19, 2017