“Kemono Friends” First Two Guidebooks with Blu-ray Have Printed 120,000 Copies in Total

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The official Japanese Twitter for the Kemono Friends franchise confirmed on April 20 that the first two volumes of its official guidebook for the TV anime have printed an impressive 120,000 copies in total (numbers for the upcoming third to sixth volumes are not included yet) and more reprints have been decided.


The full-color 40-page first volume with a Blu-ray disc containing the anime’s first two episodes was released at the price of 3,780 yen on March 25, then the second volume is set to follow on April 24. In the Japanese anime industry, selling over 10,000 copies of DVD or Blu-ray usually considered as a huge success.


品切れでご迷惑をおかけしている「けものフレンズBD付オフィシャルガイドブック」ですが、1巻・2巻ともに追加の重版が決定しました。ネット書店でのご予約も順次再開しております。 #けものフレンズhttps://t.co/UQ4OextRCc

— けものフレンズ@公式アカウント (@kemo_anime) April 20, 2017


As reported, due to the huge number that far exceeded the initial expectation, major stores in Japan had to

stop accepting orders for the first volume temporarily before the official release day of March 25. Now the

second volume ranks No.1 in Amazon Japan’s top-seller book ranking of all genre, while the first volume is

in the second and the third volume in the third. Because there is no individual release of the discs is planned

for now, fans have