“Love Live! Sunshine!!” You Watanabe to be Featured on Cover of “LisAni!” Next Issue

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Tokyo-based media company M-ON! Entertainment has revealed a newly-drawn cover illustration for the next 29th issue of its quarterly anime music magazine LisAni! to be released on May 9, featuring You Watanabe from the Love Live! Sunshine!! franchise.


Since October 2016, the magazine’s 30-minute TV program LisAni TV! aired a mini corner “Love Live! Sunshine!! Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy Broadcasting Committee” to promote the anime and its characters for 13 times. Each member of the franchise’s VA unit Aquors appeared in the corner to convey the appeal of their characters. And You Watanabe was chosen as “the most attractive member” by the viewers and was decided to be featured on the cover of the magazine as a reward for it.


In addition to You with a “LisAni!” armband on the cover, the issue also includes newly-shot photos of the nine members of Aqours, and interviews with them and Aki Hata, the lyricist of the all songs of Love

Live! and Love Live! Sunshine!!.


“LisAni!” 29th issue cover 


Bonus poster for the purchasers at the Animate stores


Bonus postcard for the AniMega, HMV, Sofmap, Tower Records, Yodobashi stores


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