McDonald’s adds wasabi and teriyaki sauces to their Chicken McNuggets in Japan

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The “Phantom Nugget Thief” and his son front a new campaign to promote this intriguing “parent-and-child” sauce set.

McDonald’s has been catering to the local market in Japan with a number of exclusive menu items over the years, with customers lining up for limited-edition delights like Full Moon Cheese Tsukimi Burgers and sakura cherry blossom-flavoured McFlurries.

Last year, McDonald’s even offered up an 18-karat gold nugget prize to Chicken McNugget customers and introduced a yellow-suited character called the “Phantom Nugget Thief” as part of the campaign. This year. the Nugget Thief is back again, and now he’s brought his son along for the festivities, with the two joining forces to promote a new “parent-and-child” sauce set featuring the traditional Japanese flavours of wasabi and teriyaki.

Check out the “Phantom Nugget Thief” and his son, “Tiny Phantom Nugget Thief” promoting the new sauce set below:

The Otona Wasabi Mayo (Adult Wasabi Mayo) sauce is said to contain the invigorating taste of Japanese horseradish, mellowed out with a slight sweetness thanks to the addition of mayonnaise. While there’s a slight kick to the sauce that