Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin – Clash at Loum to Screen in Japanese Cinemas from 2 September

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Mobile Suit Gundam is an unforgettable Japanese mecha anime that first broadcast in 1979.
The story of this monumental series is retold in the manga ‘Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin’ by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. Yasuhiko was the character designer and an animation director of the original Gundam series. The director and character designer for the anime adaptation of Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin is none other than Yasuhiko himself! The fifth part in The Origin series is due to be released in 35 Japanese cinemas on 2 September for a limited 4-week period.

Gundam The Origin began with the youth of well-known character Char Aznable.
In the fifth episode the The Origin, we can finally see Char in action as he gains his famous moniker ‘The Red Comet’. No Gundam fan can miss it!

Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin: Clash at Loum

Screening Period

Saturday 2 ~ Friday 29 September 2017


It is Year 0079 of Universal Century, and even space has become a battleground for humanity.

The Principality of Zeon conducted Operation British, which was a complete failure and resulted in the dropping of a colony onto Earth and the death of half of the planet’s population.