New live-action Tokyo Ghoul trailer

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A new trailer was released this week for a live-action Tokyo Ghoul movie, which was announced last summer.

Tokyo Ghoul is a popular manga series which follows Ken Kaneki, a college kid who gets transformed into a half-ghoul. Ghouls are kind of like vampires – they’re fast, strong, can heal fast, and have heightened senses. But instead of drinking human blood, they eat human flesh. Totally different, right?

While Ken is on a date with the pretty Rize Kamishiro, his date reveals herself to be a ghoul and attacks him. Rude.

Ken survives, but is transformed into a half-ghoul. Now he must learn to survive and cope as a skin-eating monster in a world that doesn’t take kindly to skin-eating monsters.

Creator Sui Ishida published the first episode back in 2011. His manga was adapted into an anime in 2014, then smartphone and PS Vita games in 2015. Tokyo Ghoul’s live-action treatment is set to release June 2017 in Japan. No international release date is