Nintendo might be getting ready to release a miniature Super NES Classic Edition

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27 years after the first 8-to-16-bit Nintendo video game migration, it might be time to do it all over again, so we called the company to see if they’d give us any more info.

Fans of old-school video games were saddened by the news last week that Nintendo has halted production, for the time-being, of its Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer (also known as the Mini Famicom). The system’s North American counterpart, the NES Classic Edition, has slipped into a similar state of stasis, after a phenomenally successful four and a half months on the market.

Nintendo didn’t expect demand for its miniature retro consoles, which came loaded 30 games in their internal memory, to be as high as it was, which led to severe shortages and sky-high resale prices. Still, with so much money chasing so few units, it’s surprising that Nintendo isn’t just pumping out more, but website Euro Gamer thinks it knows why. According to anonymous sources, Euro Gamer claims that Nintendo is gearing up to launch a miniature