NisiOisiN Brand New Project ‘Humanity’s Strongest Phone Request’ Revealed

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NisiOisiN’s brand new project Humanity’s Strongest Crush (Jinrui Saikyou no Tokimeki) × OVA Kubikiri Cyclehas been revealed.

Humanity’s Strongest Phone Request

Jinrui Saikyou no Tokimeki (Humanity’s Strongest Crush) is the newest addition to the Saikyou (Storngest) series and in celebration, it has has been revealed that the first shipments of the new novel will come with ‘the contractors business card’. The number on the card can be used to contact humanity’s strongest contractoer, Jun Aikawa.

The contractor’s business card will be included in the first shipments of Humanity’s Strongest Crush.
Also, at book stores participating in the ‘Humanity’s Strongest Fair’, the business cards will be included in publications of the Humanity’s Strongest Series (Humanity’s Strongest First Love and Humanity’s Strongest Pure Love).
The book stores participating in the fair are listed on Kodansha Novels official website’s featured page.

Unfortunately, calls from outside of Japan will not connect, but those who are lucky enough to be able to make a call from within Japan should definitely try it out.

‘Is this where I die?’

Humanity’s strongest contractor, Jun Aikawa.
On Toromi Nagatoro’s request, she embarked on a new volcanic island.
Th one Jun Aizawa challenges to a fight for survival is――a plant!?
Born from Zaregoto and