Paying to Win in a VRMMO Novels 1 & 2

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Prepare to have a new definition for the overpowered hero. Ichiro Tsuwabuki, leading man of Blitz Kiva‘s light novel series Paying to Win in a VRMMO, is nearly as perfect as a man can get. He’s filthy rich, he once had successful careers as an idol and a classical violinist, he’s gorgeous, and he has impeccable taste and business sense. Oh, and he’s well aware of all of this, which can make him a bit insufferable, but as far as he’s concerned (or aware; his own personality may be the only thing he doesn’t understand) that’s just part of his charm. Or at least it is in the regular world – when his cousin Asuha invites him to begin playing the first commercially available virtual reality MMORPG, Narrow Fantasy Online, or NaroFan, Ichiro discovers that things like “starting gear” and “skills” can’t be simply ordered or manipulated to be as he wants them. Or at least, not without purchasing more premiums than you can shake a dozen sticks at. The result is a hero who has bought his power, and while it doesn’t make him any less unbeatable than SAO‘s infamous Kirito, it certainly does put another spin on it.