PLAMAX MF-17 minimum factory Yamato

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“1/20th scale battleship Nagato, heading in!”

The ship girls of KanColle are finally joining the minimum factory plastic model series! From the browser game ‘Kantai Collection -KanColle-‘ comes a 1/20th scale plastic model kit of the first Yamato-class battleship, Yamato, featuring all of her ship parts as well!! The model kit features six different color molds as well as decals, allowing you to put together your own palm-sized figure of the battleship with unprecedented details for a model kit in this size.

The three 46cm triple-barrel turret batteries feature moving bases and turret barrels, and the 15.5cm triple-barrel turret can be fixed into any angle you wish during assembly. Yamato is known as one of the most impressive ship models in the series, and the minimum factory kit has strived to provide details worthy of the superdreadnought name! Enjoy putting together the figure with your own two hands!

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