Princess Café x Love Kome Collaboration Café

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Did you already take a look at the ultimate anime for rice-lovers, Love Kome -We Love Rice-?
It started recently and is already getting famous for it’s hot-blooded enthusiasm, ‘Kome’dy and food terrorism. (Note: ‘Food terrorism’ is when someone shows delicious pictures of what they are eating to their friends all the time via social media. Or like they do in the anime!)

Now they get their own collaboration café! And the menu and special goods have already been revealed.
If you order a drink of the collaboration menu, you will receive one random coaster (out of 5) as a present.

To see what goods they offer, please look at their official website:

◇ Princess Café Collaboration Schedule and Venue

Scheduled to offer the special menu are the following stores:
– Princess Café Ikebukuro Shinkan (food & drinks)
22 April – 18 May 2017
– Princess Café Osaka 2 Goukan (food & drinks)
9-18 May 2017
– Princess Shop Sapporo (drinks only)
9-18 May 2017
– Princess Shop Nagoya Ekimaekan (drinks only)
9-18 May 2017
– Princess Shop Fukuoka (drinks only)
9-18 May 2017

◇ Limited Time Collaboration

– Collaboration Menu -> Order a drink or food and get one coaster as a present.
– Take your chance to buy limited goods