Short Anime ‘Neko to Mata’ Airdate and Cast

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'First Published on Manga. Tokyo'

Details of the air date of Neko to Mata were decided. It will start airing as a segment of Fuji TV’s variety show Hi Poul on 21 April 2017. It’s a really short anime, with the first episode being only 42 seconds long. Cast members include Takuma Nagatsuka and Tasuku Hatanaka.

The anime is an original story, that shows short conversations between Neko and Tama, brother and sister, who get a along well. Neko is the selfish and spoilt younger sister-cat and living together with her older-brother-cat Mata. But one day she dies in an accident and comes back to her brother as a ghost.

The key visuals were released, showing Neko and Mata sitting and talking under a street light. Obviously, both of them look like cats but if you look closely, you can see that Neko has two tails. She can only stay in this world for a limited time, until she turns into a ball of fire. So Neko always speaks her mind freely, while Mata replies gently to anything she says. It will be interesting to see the two of them talk.

The cast is made up of popular male voice actors. Neko is