This Week in Games – The Disney Afternoon Collection

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I “finished” NeiR: Automata this week, and obviously I’m putting “finished” in quotations because I actually just got to the first ending of many. I liked it, but I wasn’t enraptured by it. The daily stories of nearly biblical transcendance may have set my expectations a bit too high, and the metanarrative promises set up by the first few hours don’t really pay off in a huge way through the remainder of the game or at least this iteration of it. But whatever, I know things are supposed to get way crazier and fundamentally different in subsequent runs, and it plays great, so I’m sticking with it.

The past month or so has also seen me slowly engage in the sad process of paring down my game collection. There’s a point where you have to get uncomfortably real with yourself, and for me that’s realizing I’ll never actually have time to play though that copy of Shining the Holy Ark. That’s doubly true when you’ve got increasingly well-built ports and remasters that are—in almost every case—superior to the originals. There’s a part of me that just wants to see raw pixelated 240p images on my gaming screens, but then there’s