This Week’s Top 10 Most Popular Anime News (14-21 April 2017)

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Hello, MANGA.TOKYO otaku readers!

Lately, we’ve noticed that you are very interested in all news that has to do with the bonus presents given to cinema-goers in Japan. From the amazing illustrations given at Kuroko no Basket Last Game to all to the Sword Art Online -Ordinal Scale- postcards and light novels, you wish you had the chance to get your hands on some of these amazing anime goodies. We feel you, and that’s why we have a proposal for you in the article below:

’Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry’ Cinema-Goers to Get 200-Page Storyboard Bonus Book

We are also very excited that we have been allowed an interview by Her Fairyness Yui, the Grand Dictator for Life of Yousei Teikoku. All loyal subjects of the Das Feenreich will have the chance to submit their questions through MANGA.TOKYO. If you have no clue who the Fairy Empire (Yosei Teikoku) and why we are pledging our allegiance, read our article (and don’t forget to submit your questions!):

Add Your Question to our Interview with Yosei Teikoku

We are still having our writers all over this season’s titles, so don’t forget to check frequently their impressions on