Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Anime Casts Takahiro Sakurai, Subaru Kimura

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The staff of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS television anime revealed additional cast members and character visuals for the anime on Friday. The cast includes (Note: The readings for some of the characters’ kanji names aren’t confirmed.):

The staff also revealed that dance vocal unit Ryoga will perform the ending theme song “Believe In Magic.”

The anime’s staff previously revealed that Ishige, a voice actor who has played minor roles in Orange and Seiren, will play the protagonist Yūsaku Fujiki. Yūsaku possesses a cool and sharp mind, and has the skills to be a hacker. He excels at quickly judging the situation at any place, and determining the thoughts of whomever he is talking to. His ace monster is named “Decode Talker,” who wields a giant sword. Yūsaku transforms from his school uniform when he enters the VR space for duels.

In the VR space, he has the handle of “Playmaker.” When he enters the VR space, he transforms, and he rides a board while dueling.

The staff revealed additional character designs last month. Gō Onizuka (below left) goes by the handle Go Onizuka (Go鬼塚) in the VR space, and regards himself as a rival to Playmaker/Yūsaku. Aoi Zaizen