Air Setting Takes Wing as Anime Pilgrimage Site

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Japan’s Anime Tourism Association opened the “Otozurete Mitai Nihon no Anime Seichi 150” (150 Sacred Anime Sites I Want to Visit) poll last July to let fans of anime in any country vote for the anime pilgrimage sites they most want to visit. Although the Anime Tourism Association announced the results of the poll on March 25, news of the Air anime setting’s presence on the list began to spread online again on Thursday.

The setting for Air has never officially been announced. However, fans know Mihama, Wakayama as the town where the sad story takes place. Fans noticed that places such as the Enjugahama coastline and Misaki Shrine resemble locations in the anime.

Official or not, the town seems to be embracing its status as the supposed setting of Air. Mihama’s mayor said, “I’m extremely grateful because I was thinking I wanted to enliven the town with Air somehow.” He also said that the next step in promoting Mihama as a pilgrimage site will be focusing on gaining recognition on the Anime Tourism Association’s “Anime Tourism 88-Stop Pilgrimage” list.

The Anime Tourism Association’s data from its “Anime Sacred Site Poll” served as a base for the poll naming