Answerman – Why Is Random English Used So Much In Japan?

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“Hiruzawa Nakari” asks:

Why do many official anime websites have their main navigation links (“Top, News, On-Air, Story, Cast & Staff,” etc.) in English? Are they trying to make site international, or is it because it just looks cool?

Those websites are clearly not aimed at an international audience, because aside from those navigational links, they’re often entirely in Japanese, without even a small English info page. Only those small bits are in English, and are clearly meant for Japanese speakers to use.

This isn’t too far off from how English is used everywhere in Japanese media. TV ads for DVD and Blu-ray releases use the English phrase “Now On Sale.” Go to a music store, and most of the categories are displayed in English. Store windows will have signs and displays in English. Sometimes that English will be good, sometimes not so good, and sometimes downright baffling.

Japan has a strange relationship with English. Imagine what America would be like if literally everybody had to take French every year of middle and high school, most of us listened to French music and watched a ton of French movies, but very very few of us knew any French people