Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ‒ Episode 7

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This week’s Boruto: Naruto Next Generations isn’t quite as Cho-Cho-centric as last week’s post-credits preview seemed to indicate, although she does factor prominently into the story’s conclusion. It turns out last week’s fight against Shino didn’t really mark a turning point in the overall story arc, as the show has gone right back to its familiar victim-of-the-day setup. At present, these types of formulaic episodes aren’t entirely a slog, but fans hoping for progress in the overarching plot would be justified if they’re getting frustrated.

The latest victim du jour is Magire Kakuremino, a withdrawn young man from the main characters’ neighboring class who harbors a crush on Sumire and stalks her around town. After the object of his affection refuses to reciprocate his feelings, Magire is possessed by the mysterious force and blossoms into a more threatening stalker. Using his Disappearing Jutsu, Magire turns himself invisible and pursues Sumire and her friends through the halls of the Academy. When Boruto and company eventually corner him on the roof, Cho-Cho is able to talk him down and end his reign of terror without throwing a single punch, causing the mysterious force to retreat. Magire finds himself drained of chakra,