Clockwork Planet ‒ Episode 7

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After last week’s regrettable experimentation with a more dour and gritty tone, Clockwork Planet has returned to its usual track of delivering familiar anime fight scenes through an overwhelmingly mediocre story and cast. We do get an ever so slight improvement in artwork to help the extended action, which is always appreciated, but Clockwork Planet is generally making sure its bar is never raised too high. This isn’t bad anime, per se, but it certainly isn’t good either.

A big issue I have with this episode is how muddy the storytelling feels. We finally wrap around to the first episode’s depiction of ostensible terrorists, but the movement of that storyline combined with the fight against AnchoR just comes across as listless. There’s no energy to the plotting, no momentum to the development of any of these stories. The gang fights some soldiers/drones, then they fight AnchoR, AnchoR turns good, Naoto is happy about it, and roll credits. The story is chugging right along, which I’ll admit is better than the previous episode’s sloppy detour into pointless violence and unnecessary tonal shifts, but it isn’t mustering an iota of excitement from me. If there is any anime this season that’s