Crossdressing hobbyist tricks, possibly traumatizes his nephew with high school girl’s uniform

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Now you see her, now you don’t!

What may have started as an innocent prank between uncle and nephew took an abrupt turn for the worse, when Twitter-user @kitigai_dayo convinced his five-year-old nephew that a girl he met had gone the way of the Wicked Witch and melted away. @kitigai_dayo, who regularly posts photos of himself crossdressed as a very convincing female, relayed the story on his Twitter, accompanied by a snapshot of the offending scene:

今日の朝、甥っ子が女装したおれを家の中で探し回ってて 甥っ子:すいっちのお姉さんどこ?(任天堂switchをくれたからすいっちのお姉さん) おれ:お風呂場きてみ…お姉さんな溶けてしまったんよ 甥っ子:ぎゃあああああああ 1時間……

男だが (@kitigai_dayo) May 03, 2017

“This morning, my nephew was running around the house, looking for the girl I had dressed up as.
Nephew: Where’s the Switch lady? (He calls her the Switch lady because she’d given him a Nintendo Switch)
Me: Come look in the bathroom… She’s melted away.
He continued wailing for an hour

I’m the kind of scum that traumatizes little five-year-olds
My older brother was not happy with me”

@kitigai_dayo later explained in the comments that he had played Mario Cart with his nephew for a couple of hours dressed as “Switch lady”. Even though he kept up his best lady’s voice, he thought his nephew had caught on, but that apparently wasn’t the case.