“Digimon Adventure tri.” Stage Play 1st Main Visual Introduces Taichi and Yamato

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The official website for “Super Evolution Stage Digimon Adventure tri. – The Adventure of August 1-,” the upcoming stage play adaptation of the six-part anime film project Digimon Adventure tri. today announced its five main cast and posted a main visual featuring Taichi Yagami and Yamato Ishida on the shoulders of Omegamon. 


The stage play tells a side story of the ongoing anime series tri. The eight main characters visit a campsite where a secret is hidden on August 1, the special day for all of them. It is scheduled to be performed at Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi in Tokyo 10 times from August 5 to 13. Pre-orders for the 7,800 yen tickets are now accepted on ePlus till May 28, then general sale will begin on July 2.   




Main Cast:


 Taichi Yagami: Gaku Matsumoto (24/Yakumo “Cloud” Kato/Aoninger in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger)

 Yamato Ishida: Shohei Hashimoto (23/Yu Nishinoya in Hyper Projection Stage Haikyu!)

 Koushiro Izumi: Kaiesi Kamimura (20/Ichiro Kaneda in The Prince of Tennis Musical)

 Joe Kido: Junya Komatsu (23/Keito Hasumi in Ensemble Stars! on Stage)

 Takeru Takaishi: Kenta Nomiyama (21)



【舞台デジモン tri.】第一弾出演者&メインビジュアル解禁!太一:松本岳、ヤマト:橋本祥平、光子郎:上村海成、丈:小松準弥、タケル:野見山拳太
最速抽選先行スタート!https://t.co/gvYgFHOrwl #デジモン  https://t.co/zRPSX1QEr4 pic.twitter.com/l4DQuFVb0W

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