FEATURE: The Hook – “Sakura Quest” and “The Royal Tutor”

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This week on The Hook, we’re looking at shows of a slightly more “royal” variety… specifically the rude princes of The Royal Tutor and the mistaken queen of Sakura Quest. What’s to love about these two spring anime? We take a glimpse at the first episodes of each to find out what will keep you coming back for more!


Sakura Quest

All Yoshino Koharu wants is to find a job before she leaves college. Well, technically all she wants is to be a queen like in one of her recurring childhood memories, but she’ll take what she can get. Unfortunately, she’s been rejected from 30 jobs and counting.


But she gets a hit from an old modeling resume: the tiny village of Manoyama is looking for an image girl to be their queen. It seems like an odd choice… and it turns out it was a mistake on behalf of the town’s grouchy “king.” But between the ink on the contract already being try and the person they actually wanted being dead, Yoshino has no choice but to begin her year-long reign of the “kingdom”… and all the promotional work that entails.


The Hook: All things considered, Yoshino