Grimoire of Zero Episode 6 Review: Thirteen

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I’m not sure if Grimoire of Zero has any clue on what it’s trying to achieve. I enjoyed the latter half of Episode 6 more than the previous five and a half episodes, with Zero and Mercenary’s confrontation being the strongest moment of the series so far. The chemistry between the two was so good that the 12 minute info dump of the first part passed as a brief annoyance.

Japanese Title: 十三番


Thirteen was the most lukewarm of antagonists until the latter half of this episode. We learned a bit more about his connection to Zero and how the Grimoire was created. We also learned about the three different sorcerer groups and how the Empire is using witches against witches. I was certainly not expecting that an all-out magic battle would have turned so quickly into a boring info dump over dinner, hurt feelings, and maybe-not-so-poisoned desserts. Politics are great and the dynamics of the world are interesting, but if I wanted to hear a few characters talk story business, I would have preferred a podcast.

Talking about hurt feelings, Albus feels seriously betrayed. I have forgotten that Albus was following them because he was mistaken that both