Indie Games on Display at A 5th of BitSummit Thanks to SmileBoom

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SmileBoom is making it easier for aspiring creators to bring their game ideas to life with SMILE GAME BUILDER. The Windows program allows game makers to create 3D RPGs without any coding, using a library of 3D models, 2D graphics, and various sound effects and music. And this weekend, at A 5th of BitSummit, they’ll be showing off some of what their programs can do.



A 5th of BitSummit is one of Japan’s largest showcases of indie games. SmileBoom will be at booth #94 this weekend, showing off five SMILE GAME BUILDER titles and one made in SmileBASIC, a program designed specifically to help creators design games for the Nintendo 3DS.


Titles being showcased include:


A Healer Only Lives Twice DLC (Pon Pon Games)

This DLC patch for the 2015 award-winning game is a resource pack featuring creatures with new actions. Any models in this DLC can be put toward your own game creation!


Iron Will (Pon Pon Games)

A game from the world of A Healer Only Lives Twice, featuring assets from the abovementioned DLC. In the game you play as Hawkeye, who is on a mission to collect a mysterious magical