Indonesian community paints the town red…orange, yellow, green, blue and purple【Photos】

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Just goes to show that a little color goes a long way!

When your home village is labeled as a slum by people who don’t live there, it can be pretty degrading. Especially when you can see it for the treasure it truly is. So how does one transform a village from an ugly duckling into beautiful swan? Using the inspiration of three other villages in Indonesia, Kampung Pelangi, a village in Central Java, has upgraded their little village to a tourist destination where people are clamoring to travel to. So what did Kampung Pelangi have to do to garner such excitement? They just painted the town!

The community and government spent about US$22,000 on the colorful makeover. Almost 250 of the 390 homes have been decorated in the magnificent pigments and the transformation seems to be having a positive effect on the people who live there. Not only have the residents themselves become actively involved with the project, they’re also working towards cleaning up the nearby river as well. Their efforts are paying off, as the village is enjoying a significant increase in tourism to the area, positively impacting local restaurants and businesses