Japanese university students reveal the part-time jobs they’d most like to have

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The top ten results show which companies appeal most to young students.

For many young people in Japan, going to university means moving away from family, relocating to a new area, and setting up a new life, which comes with the added responsibility of having to fork out money for textbooks, bills, and other miscellaneous expenses.

To cope with the financial burden, many students seek out part-time employment, known as “arubaito” or simply “baito” in Japanese. Naturally, if you’re looking to juggle full-time study with part-time work, the ideal situation would be to find employment with a dream company that makes working a breeze.

With that in mind, the Connecting Work Styles Research Institute conducted a survey, where they asked 1,000 university students to identify the company they most wanted to seek out part-time employment with. Let’s take a look at the top 10 results below!

10. Uniqlo

Working at a clothing store is often a popular choice among young people, especially when you’re at an age where a lot of your money goes towards adding fashionable threads to