‘Juuni Taisen’ Reveals Background Art

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Fans can get a first impression of the upcoming anime Juuni Taisen (by NisiOisin (story) and Hikaru Nakamura (art)) through the released pictures of background art!

We can see the picture of the room, where the twelve characters meet for the first time and the fight between them begins. It has also been revealed that on 12 June (it was decided to be on that day because 12 seems to be an important number for this work), other big news will follow.

The story is about warriors and their killing and being killed. The one who survives, will get one wish – any wish – granted. The name of the battle is called ’12 Wars’. It will be directed by Naoto Hosoda, with character designs by Chikashi Kadekaru and the series compositor will be Sadayuki Murai.

TV Anime Juuni Taisen Staff

Original Work: Juuni Taisen
Novel: NisiOisin
Illustration: Hikaru Nakamura
Director: Naoto Hosoda
Series Composition: Sadayuki Murai
Character Design: Chikashi Kadekaru
Music: Go Shiina
Music Production: Avec Pictures
Animation Production: Graphinica


Nobuhiko Okamoto as Usagi
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(c)西尾維新・中村 光/集英社・十二大戦製作委員会

source: http://natalie.mu/comic/news/232254
translator: nifa

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