Kemono Friends Anime Gets Adult Parody Video

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Well, it happened. We all should have expected it, although we hoped it wouldn’t come to this. Last season’s sleeper-hit anime Kemono Friends has inspired an adult parody video. The adult video maker Total Media Agency (TMA) recently revealed (link NSFW) its planned DVD releases for July. The list includes a DVD titled Kemo Mimi Cosplayers ~Yōkoso Japari Park e~ (Furry-Eared Cosplayers: Welcome to Japari Park).

Miku Abeno plays Bōshi-chan (Hat) in the video, and she posted production pictures on Twitter.

TMA producer and director Darkra also posted pictures related to the production.

TMA describes the DVD’s story as centering on a young woman who looks good in a hat and four young women with cute furry ears. They go on a “great journey adventure” together when mysterious enemies appear. Because this is an adult video, it’s probably easy to guess what happens next.

TMA will release the DVD for 4,104 yen (about US$37) on July 28.

The company released a Love Live! Sunshine!! adult video last year, and TMA’s other released include Hahiru Suzumiya, Clonnad, Hinichijou (“My Not Ordinary Life”) and Faith/ero.

A different company also produced a Mr. Osomatsu gay porn parody.

[Via Hachima Kikō]