Love Tyrant ‒ Episode 7

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It’s interesting how Love Tyrant‘s format has worked out. The series is still adamantly sticking with the ‘two distinct segments per episode’ setup, but the second segment has ended on a To Be Continued on multiple occasions now. I’m not sure if this is a consequence of the way chapters in the source manga are set up, or if this is just a ploy at pulling off multi-part story drama despite those parts only being eleven minutes long, but it’s worth noting regardless.

At any rate, this episode once again goes with two separate stories in each half. The first one does maintain continuity, however, by following Guri’s feelings after her confrontation with Akane near the end of the previous episode. She still wants to figure out what love is, and she still wants to be with Seiji to do so. After her plans for a festival night out with him get derailed, she instead bumps into a mysterious handsome stranger and has a pleasant date with him instead.

Despite the dubious context of the segment (which does dip slightly into creepy territory by the end), this is actually a pleasant little story. Seeing Guri open her mind to