‘Lupin the Third Part 4’ to Air in USA from 17 June 2017 on ‘adult swim’

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The TV anime series Lupin The Third Part 4 aired in Japan between October 2015-March 2016. It has now been announced that the series will be aired with an English dub on the US American TV programming slot ‘adult swim’ starting 17 June 2017.

The series consists of 26 episodes at 30 minutes long, and is about Lupin, clad in a blue jacket rather than his iconic red, as he goes on adventures in Italy and San Marino. Joining Lupin for the series are strong new characters, like the wealthy heiress Rebecca Rossellini and Nyx of the British Intelligence Agency MI6, who will mix up the story quite a bit.

The animation production is done by Telecom Animation Film, directed by Kazuhide Tomonaga and characters were designed by Hisao Yokobari. The animators who have been working on the series before and are specialized in action scenes (including with cars), work on this again and will bring out the overflowing charm in Lupin and his companions.
Series composition and screenplay was handed by Yuya Takahashi and there is music by Yuji Ohno.

Comment from TMS USA Vice president Masami Tokunaga

I have been watching Lupin III since I was a child, as