Magic-Kyun! First Live Hoshinomori Summer Festival 2017’ Report

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‘Magic-Kyun! First Live Hoshinomori Summer Festival 2017’: Blu-ray & DVD Release Date has Been Announced!

‘Magic-Kyun! First Live Hoshinomori Summer Festival 2017’, the first live show of a multimedia project Magic-Kyun! Renaissance, took place at Maihama Amphitheater on the 13th and 14th May.

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance, a multimedia project by Pony Canyon, Sunrise and Broccoli, has so far released video game software for PlayStation Vita, music CDs, and a TV anime.

ArtiSTARs, a vocal group made up by its voice cast members who are wearing the same costumes as the anime characters, appeared on stage when the opening video was projected. They sang the opening theme song ‘Magic-Kyun! No.1☆’ with synchronized dancing which put the show on blast. Immediately after their usual call-and-response, “Kyun kyun?” and “Magic-Kyun!”, they performed its project theme song ‘Kimi ni Maji Kyun’ and the fans’ excitement fill the air at the venue.

They performed mainly songs from the TV anime series while each associated scene was projected above the stage. The show recreated the Magic-Kyun world and entertained fans so much. The cast members choreographed and gave a lesson on how to dance ‘Magical Flower’, the theme song for the video game for PlayStation Vita. The