Mizuki Shigeru: A Manga Artist Who Kept on Drawing Yokai

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Hi there! It’s Mokugyo, the manga-and-anime-loving writer from MANGA.TOKYO! I visited Shigeru Mizuki Retrospective: The Life of GeGeGe, an exhibition displaying manga works and illustrations of the late Shigeru Mizuki, who was one of the most influential manga artist in Japan. The venue in Tokyo was filled with all kinds of viewers from children to elderly people, which demonstrates that his popularity stands the test of time.

I’m going to write about this legendary manga artist, Shigeru Mizuki, in this article, examining the reason why Japanese love him so much, and what impact he made on the next generation of manga and anime works.

Who was Shigeru Mizuki?

A portrait of Shigeru Mizuki at the exhibition.

Shigeru Mizuki was a leading manga artist of Japan, who was born in 1922 and passed away in 2015 at the age of 93.

He was one of the most well-renowned manga artist in Japan, so much so that a story of his fake autographs floating around on auction sites on the internet hit the headlines recently.

His iconic work, GeGeGe no Kitaro, in which many ‘yokai’, monster-like creatures from Japanese folklore, appear. Five TV anime adaptation series of the manga