Moe Game Awards 2016 Name the Champions of the Genre

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Hang on to your hearts, because the Moe Game Awards have named their top three games of 2016. (Also bear in mind that these are adult titles, so while this article is safe for work, actually playing the games might not be.)


Grand Prize: Wagamama High Spec

This game seems to take a page from Eromanga-sensei. Our protagonist is the author of a rather racy manga. But rather than discovering his sister is the illustrator — it’s the upstanding student council president. The protagonist is invited to join the otherwise-all-female student council, and he does… on the condition that his manga work is kept private.

Sekai Project currently owns the North American rights to Wagamama High Spec, and a localized version is currently in the works.


Runner-Up: Maitetsu

In an alternate history, Raillords — humanoid robots who oversaw the functioning of trains — were decommissioned as railroads were closed down. The hero of our game was affected by an accident occurring during the era of the Raillords, and just happens to awaken a Raillord named Hachiroku. Together, they work to find her steam engine and reawaken the area’s love of trains.


Sekai Project is currently working