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Blame! is the debut work of Tsutomu Nihei, who won the 39th Kodansha Manga Awards with his series Knights of Sidonia (serialized between 1997-2003 in Kodansha’s Afternoon). On 20 May 2017, the Blame! movie will finally come to Japanese cinemas for a limited time of 2 weeks. Fans have been waiting 20 years for a movie.

The pre-screening was held on 12 May 2017. At the the screening, Hideki Moriya, who is on the board of directors at Polygon Pictures and has been working on Nihei Tsutomu works since Knights of Sidonia, came together with Netflix content director Julian Lai-Hung for a talk event.
They talked about the charms of Blame! and the challenge of releasing it to the world, as this movie will be available all around the world via Netflix from 20 May 2017.

Cinema or Netflix? A Movie Where you Can Decide the Viewing Style Talk Event Report

■Event day: 12 May 2017
■Venue: Sony PLC Preview Room
■Guests: Hideki Moriya (Polygon Pictures), Julian Lai-Hung (Netflix)

I want to enjoy the movie as if in the theater through precise settings on Netflix (Hideki Moriya)

Blame! is a movie people all around the world would enjoy (Julian Lai-Hung)

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