Quick action by station attendant stops attempted suicide just in the nick of time【Video】

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One man’s fast reaction saves a helpless university student from taking her life.

A security camera caught a chilling scene on video last week, May 10, at a train station in Fujian Province, China, when a university student attempted to commit suicide by jumping in front of an incoming train.

The incident happened just before 5 p.m. local time at Xianyou Station, and the footage was uploaded to foreign media People Daily’s (人民日報) Facebook page, which you can view here:

In the video we see commuters lined up on the station platform awaiting the arrival of a train, when one woman makes a sudden run for the tracks, towards the path of an incoming train.

Almost as soon as she makes a run for it, a male station attendant standing nearby sprints after her, and is able to grab her and pull her back only a split second before she reaches the edge of the platform.

There appears to be a slight struggle as the man frantically