Re:CREATORS Episode 6 Review: You Are the One Who Knows Where Justice Lies.

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Is justice in the eye of the beholder? While our characters do have their own beliefs, there is something to be said about the very different axis of good – evil and just – unfair. The fight is more a clash of ideologies than it is a display of power. And while the characters are almost killing each other, the only one who actually killed someone is watching from afar. That girl is psychotic.

Bog fight aside, the main duo that stole the spotlight, though indirectly, was absent from this episode. Why is Sota hiding from Celestia what he knows about the Military Uniform Princess? And what exactly is he hiding?

Japanese Title: いのち短し恋せよ乙女


I’m a little confuses as to how the Setsuna Shimazaki’s suicide (?) in Episode 1 is connected to the creation of the Military Uniform Princess and her subsequent quest for revenge (?). Why doesn’t he want to reveal to Selesia that he knows the creators of the story and possibly of the drawing as well? What is happening here? I was literally screaming to the screen (ok, maybe not literally) and to Sota to talk to his imaginary friend (that sounded a little weird) and