Rilakkuma Cycle Wear Series #2

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Enjoy cycling together with the popular Rilakkuma characters!

A selection of cycling jerseys featuring the popular characters from the Rilakkuma series! Enjoy a leisurely ride wearing the cute designs – various sizes are available and the design is unisex allowing both children and adults to ride in Rilakkuma style!

The series makes use of Cool Max fabric which is quick drying, absorbs sweat quickly and is highly stretchable. The quick absorption of sweat allows for a smooth and dry ride even in areas with high humidity. The children’s sizes have a 2-division back pocket.

■ Rilakkuma Cycling Jersey (Relaxed Cats / Yellow)
■ Rilakkuma Cycling Jersey (Relaxed Cats / Pink)
■ Rilakkuma Cycling Jersey (Rilakkuma Bakery)

Size Chart: