Sadistic Teen Teaches New Teacher a Thing or Two in ‘Leo-kun wa Kyou mo Yasashii’

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'First Published on Manga. Tokyo'

Haru Hiwaki’s new series Leo-kun wa Kyou mo Yasashii (Eng title. Leo-kun is Sadistic, everyday) started serialization on 17 May 2017 through Kodansha’s Web Manga Magazine e Young Magazine.

Leo is probably the hottest boy at school. And Suzu is the newly transferred teacher. He is a student of her class, and every girl in school likes him, the cool, smart student. But toward Suzu, he behaves super sadistically.

On another note, e Young Magazine will start a new web magazine aimed toward women called E Young Magazine Joshi-bu. And the suspense series Kosha no ten de wa Akuma ga Waratteiru by Ai Hachiya and Kariko Koyama, which previously was on break, will resume this June.

In addition, Fushidarana Otometachi by Naoki Tahara will also start on 15 May 2017. It is an erotic horror suspense story by the winner of ‘Everystar Novel Grand Prize’. In the story, the men and women of an astronomical club spend some time in a mountain villa when mysterious things start to happen.

translator: nifa