Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Flat ‒ Episode 6

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This episode illustrates the problem with harems: give one anime girl too much consideration – even if it’s for a good reason! – and you piss off another one.

That’s definitely an oversimplification of what happens in this episode, but it’s at least true to some extent, and it’s at least a development that even the very dense Aki should have seen coming. After all, he’s played enough dating sims to know that when a girl point-blank gives you a flag and you completely ignore it, there are going to be consequences down the line.

The issue arises because Aki literally drops everything and rushes to Eriri’s side when he gets the impression that she has collapsed due to an illness. He has good reason to worry, as we find out that her constitution wasn’t the greatest when they were kids, and she did indeed collapse now. On the plus side, prioritizing her well-being over making sure the game was finished was the right thing to do, demonstrating better than anything else how important Eriri is to him, but on the minus side, he doesn’t consider that exclusively prioritizing her isn’t something she’d look completely favorably on under the