Sakura Quest ‒ Episode 7

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You have to appreciate P.A. Works‘s eye for detail. Amongst all the character drama in this episode of Sakura Quest, the movie-making element is mostly a framing device, yet it’s given an air of realism and grounding that helps sell the real-world setting of this show. There are lots of takes, explications of how shots are gotten, and even a momentary acknowledgement of how long makeup for just a walk-on actor can take. Seeing all the elements of the film come together works nicely for this episode, as the characters and their struggles converge into a solid conclusion to the storyline.

I expected that Maki’s performance anxiety would be resolved by this episode, but the show seemed to be racing me to its conclusion, as she runs in to assist Ririko with her attempt at acting in just the opening minutes. However, the more hands-off approach she takes only precludes the growing that Maki needs to undergo as the episode unfolds. It’s not just about using her knowledge of performance to help the team as she usually does. She needs to embrace her true love for acting and move past her established issues.

This manifests as the episode unfolds,