Shockingly expensive Pokémon watch costs more than most people make in several years

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The anime and video game timepiece does look pretty awesome, though.

As an anime franchise gets older, it’s common for some of its associated merchandise to move upmarket. Look at, for example, Sailor Moon, the new merch for which is often premium-priced (though not always), in order to align with the quality expectations and bigger budgets of now-adult fans who feel the fingers of nostalgia prying open their wallets.

So it’s not all that shocking to come across expensive Pokémon stuff. After all, even the kids who were still in elementary school when the anime started airing in 1997 (or 1998 for the English version), are now entering their 30s, and some of them are hitting the peak earning years of lucrative careers.

And so Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome thinks that somewhere out there is a fan willing to spend big bucks on this cool-looking luxury Pokémon watch.