This Week in Games – Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception

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It’s tough to pick out a game less anime than the recently rebooted Hitman, but I can’t avoid taking a moment to lament the fate of IO Interactive under the Square Enix umbrella. That new Hitman was an utter delight, and the deck was stacked against its success from the very beginning. It was to be a retail game before switching to an episodic release, its always-online nature set the internet against it, and the failures of Absolution had everyone skeptical. Yet it ended up being one of the very best games of last year.

Unfortunately, it seems its quality didn’t translate to enough financial success for Square’s tastes. Square’s looking to rid itself of IO, and the future of the Hitman franchise is now up in the air. We don’t know whether Square or IO will retain the rights to Agent 47, or what this means for the future of the current Hitman game, which was scheduled for a second season this year.

Whatever the specifics, it doesn’t sound great for Hitman‘s future, and that’s a shame. Let’s not kid ourselves here—I really liked Final Fantasy XV and Deus Ex is fine enough, but Hitman was by far the