Upcoming anime ‘18if’ Reveals Cast, Staff and Visual!

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The game smartphone game 18 – Kimi ni tsunagaru Puzzle has already exceeded 2 million downloads. Based on this successful game, the anime 18if will air starting July 2017. As the broadcasting date gets closer, we have received new information about the series, such as the main staff, main cast and a new teaser visual. And on top of that, their homepage has been renewed!

Although the general director has already been announced to be Koji Morimoto, it has also been announced that each episode will be produced under a different director. If we think of anime that has different directors for each episode, the 2010 anime Mayoi Neko Overrun! comes to mind, so we wonder who will work on this project and what unique style they will provide each episode.


Nobunaga Shimazaki as Haruto Tsukishiro
Takehito Koyasu as Katsumi Kanzaki
Kaori Nazuka as Lily
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General Director: Koji Morimoto
Series Composition: Atsuhiro Tomioka
Design Supervision: Hiroko Kazui
Character Design: Tadashi Oppata
Background Art: Tatsuya Sakai
Art Director: Sawako Takagi
Color Design: Toshie Suzuki, Yuko Sato
CG Director: Akine Nagamine
Director of Photography: Naoto Kitamura
Editing: Akari Saito
Sound Director: Yota Tsuruoka
Music: Ryudai Abe
Animation Production: GONZO
Original Work: Mobcast Inc.
Director: Akira Nishimori (Episode 1)
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Main Character Introduction

Haruto Tsukishiro (VA: Nobunaga Shimazaki)

Coming to, a boy who finds himself in the dream world and is the only person who is able to see a girl, name Lily.
He meets the professor, learns of the witches and gets entangled in various incidents.

Katsumi Kanzaki (VA: Takehito Koyasu)

He studies the dream world and is called ‘Professor’ by Haruto.
As Haruto can see Lily, he is interested in him and includes him in his research, trying to understand the dream world and the ‘Sleeping Beauty Syndrome’. He is doing the research to help his precious little sister, who was diagnosed with the illness. Usually he wears a lab coat and sandals, but when he dives in, he takes on the form of a cat.

Lily (VA: Kaori Nazuka)

She suddenly appears in the dream world and only Haruto can see her. Seeming to appear out of nowhere, she calls Haruto ‘Onii-chan’ and appears only around him.

TV anime 18if

Official Website: http://18if.jp/

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