Void's Enigmatic Mansion GN 5

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Whether it’s a monkey’s paw or a magic lamp, all stories about wishes remind us that a wish can be as much curse as gift. That’s a theme that’s been explored in all four previous volumes of Hee-eun Kim and JiEun Ha‘s Victorian-set manhwa Void’s Enigmatic Mansion, and it comes back to haunt this final book. While the reveal about Lavelle, the young man who has slowly been revealed to be at the center of everything going on in the mansion, isn’t as heart-wrenching as Mrs. Audrey’s tale or that of the couple who lived across the hall from him, it still makes for melancholy reading as we discover just why he’s been granting a single wish to all who ask – and how long he’s been doing it for.

In the previous volume, we learned the story of Lavelle’s friend Dr. Juist, the character who has, alongside Lavelle and the pale duke, been in the series the longest. What you may not remember is that he played a very important role in the opening pages of volume one, something you may want to revisit before reading this book. Juist’s murderous spree, brought on by the trauma of his wife’s