Answerman – Quick Answers Part 3

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It’s time once again to tackle the questions that I couldn’t get a whole column’s worth of information out of! Ready? Let’s go!

Chris asks:

What will happen to Yahoo! Japan after the finalization last week of Yahoo!’s merger with / absorption into Verizon? Some of my more ambitious anime-loving friends have found amazing stuff through Yahoo! Japan auctions.

Yahoo! Japan is actually a completely separate company, started as a joint venture between Yahoo! and SoftBank. While the Yahoo! brand has been declining in the West, it’s still one of the top web brands in Japan. The original Yahoo! corporation in America owns a 35.5% stake in the company.

While Verizon Communications is buying most of Yahoo’s business, it’s NOT buying the whole corporate entity. Yahoo’s ownership share of Yahoo! Japan is not part of the offer — that ownership stake is staying with the holding company that’s left. And since Yahoo! Japan is a separate company entirely, its operations will be completely unaffected by all of the changes going on Stateside.

CSC asks:

There a lot of interest in the anime fandom in who ownes the most anime DVDs. You see this a lot on YouTube videos. It