Attack on Titan Episode 37 Review: Scream

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Are they going to kiss? NOPE of course they didn’t. Is that Eren’s dad at the end? After this episode, I highly doubt it. The season finale of Attack on Titan didn’t impress me greatly but it was not that bad. It included a lot of anime clichés like the hero moments, the confession and the inspirational speeches that we have seen countless times before, but still managed to give some hints for the actual plot.

Japanese Original Episode Title: “Sakebi” (叫び)


In the heat of the battle we see Hannes going all-in to kill the Titan that devoured Eren’s mother in the beginning of the series and trying to protect Eren and Mikasa. All the Scouts seem to be losing the battle with one falling after the other as Eren is desperately trying to transform into a Titan but with no luck since he hasn’t fully finished regenerating his arms. He and Mikasa end up witnessing the gruesome death of Hannes as the Titan eats him alive in front of them. Eren then loses it and falls in despair as Mikasa tries to confront him telling him that he has always been there for her.

Then, Eren trying