Berserk Episode 23 Review: Proclaimed Omens

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I’m not sure what happened in Episode 23 of Berserk. Everything new to the plot was given in an indirect manner that made no impact at all. The big bad guy was boring and without having a clear image of the mastermind behind the attack, it was difficult to put a face to the menace. And then, the Berserker armor thing, we’ve seen that before. The bit we haven’t seen, though, was overshadowed by the credits and the awful music direction. There is something rotten in the production committee of Berserk.

Japanese Title: 告げられし兆し


Casca’s mind can be restored. That is the single most important part of this episode, and one that is sadistic at least. I know that the anime is following the storyline of the manga, but for someone who is not a reader, this is just a promise that won’t (probably) be fulfilled, unless next week we have another new season announcement. The rest will have to either buy the manga (one of the primary reasons anime adaptations are made) or leave it be. Of course, there is always a wiki where you can read a summary of what happened and what is going to happen.