Cute cats come out to play as traditional Japanese geta sandals

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Three gorgeous kittens are waiting to dress up your summer outfits.

There’s nothing quite like looking at the pleasing shape of a relaxed cat to help lower your blood pressure, calm your nerves and make you feel all sorts of warm, fuzzy feelings.

Now you can enjoy the experience everywhere you go, with a new range of cat-shaped sandals to slip onto your feet.

Called the “Nyarageta”, which is a play on the words “Nya” (meow), Nara (the Japanese city where they’re made) and geta (traditional wooden Japanese sandals), these adorable new designs are a purr-fect alternative to the more ordinary-looking geta usually worn by women in yukata summer kimono.

Made in Japan by Narageta, a footwear maker with a huge range of traditional designs for men, women and children, the cat-shaped collection currently contains three different kittens.