Dragon Ball Super ‒ Episode 95

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I’m honestly surprised at how invested I am in seeing this Universe 7/Frieza team-up through to the end. For the last few weeks, there’s been a lot of discussion around certain leaks that said Frieza would be betraying Goku and fighting for another universe in the tournament, and while that presumed twist appears to have been false, this episode gets dangerously close enough to it that my palms were getting sweaty. I want Frieza to be a good guy!

Last week ended with Frieza turning gold as he prepared to fight off the army of assassins who’ve shown to stop him and Goku. The first chunk of this episode centers around Frieza showing off his new strength, thanks to the mental training he had been doing in hell, to murder the onslaught of enemies. He straight up kills them too, which wouldn’t have been that shocking in the original Dragon Ball days, but Super is a much softer show in general. The body count is abnormally high this week. Goku isn’t in love with this development, and he swears to Frieza later that he won’t be so lenient if he continues to kill more people.

So the big question