Endride BD+DVD part 1

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When this mobile game adaptation debuted back during the Spring 2016 season, I was so unimpressed by the first episode that I gave it my lowest rating of that Preview Guide and never bothered to watch another episode. Funimation‘s announcement of a simuldub suggested to me that it was faring well enough that I might have missed something, so when the Blu-Ray release of the first half rolled around, I decided to give the series a second try.

Boy, was that a mistake.

Endride has a host of issues scattered across its first 12 episodes, but the most glaring and immediately-apparent problem is that it features one of the most obnoxious protagonist duos that I’ve encountered in recent years. Individually, both are more irritating versions of standard character archetypes: Emilio is the sullen, brooding prince who specializes in being a short-sighted ass, while Shun is the boisterous type who seems physically incapable of shutting up, even when it’s in his best interest to do so. Put them together and their interactions grate on the nerves so badly that it’s easy to sympathize with the frustrations of the other cast members who have to deal with them. They were doubtlessly intended